# UI Design

# Browser developers tools

Best for UI is Firefox

# Learn Flexbox and CSS Grid

Is a Grid system still valid? Well Yes for prototyping, then ⇒ CSS Grid.

# Apps and Blogs

# Books

# More generic about design

  • Don't Make Me Think, Steve Krug
  • Ruined by Design, Mike Monteiro
  • Design is a Job, Mike Monteiro
  • The Design of Everyday Things, Don Norman

# UI Frameworks

While I am not a big fan of using UI frameworks, they help A LOT building a sellable product. They are battled tested, consistent and probably have all UI elements you need to have for a first iteration.

They also often provide Sketch or Figma pre-rendered components you can you to design your application.

# Social Networks

# YouTube

Too much and updated too frequently to be listed here 😅

Look the Twitter list above and search for conferences from these people on YouTube.

# Twitter